Big promotion for PG sheet-pyrolytic graphite sheet-big sizes

Due to the improvement of production technology, the output has been greatly increased and the size has increased, and now there is a large promotion of pyrolytic graphite products! sizes: 50-50-5/10mm; 100-100-5/10mm.

PG sheet-pyrolytic graphite sheet

PG sheet-pyrolytic graphite sheet

Pyrolytic graphite is a new type of carbon material. It is a pyrolytic carbon with high crystal orientation, which is deposited by chemical vapor deposition of high-purity hydrocarbon gas on a graphite matrix at 1800 ° C ~ 2000 ° C under a certain furnace pressure. It has high density. (2.20g/cm), high purity (impurity content (0.0002%) and thermal, electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties anisotropy. It can still maintain a vacuum of 10mmHg at about 1800 °C.

Pyrolytic graphite is made by high temperature vapor deposition, and at present, medium frequency induction heating vacuum furnace is used as its main preparation equipment. The induction coil of the induction heating deposition furnace is equipped with a graphite heating element, and the graphite sleeve has a built-in deposition matrix, and they are heated by induction.
When starting, the air in the furnace is exhausted first, the vacuum degree is below 133-266Pa, and then the power is sent to heat up. When the substrate reaches the specified deposition temperature, a mixture of nitrogen and hydrocarbon gas mixed in a certain proportion is sent for pyrolysis. In this process, the vacuum pump continuously discharges the exhaust gas, and the mixture is continuously and quantitatively input. After a certain period of deposition, a pyrolytic carbon layer with a specified thickness is obtained. The whole device is divided into four systems: air supply, heating, exhaust, and monitoring.
The raw material of pyrolytic graphite can be natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas or benzene vapor, etc., and the dilution carrier can be nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, etc., in order to control the speed and density of deposition. For the pyrolytic graphite products used in semiconductor and electronic technology, high-purity graphite is used as the mold/matrix. The pyrolytic graphite produced by our company is manufactured in this way. The substrate must be finely processed and polished to facilitate demolding, and the corners should be arced as much as possible to reduce the internal stress of the pyrolytic carbon.
The latest developed pyrolytic graphite size of our company: 50-50-5mm; 90-90-5mm; 100-100-5mm; 100-100-10mm, mature technology, stable product quality, can process round, coffin, crucible, etc. Various shapes of pyrolytic graphite materials.

Research directions for pyrolytic graphite preparation technology:
During the preparation process of pyrolytic graphite, due to the limitation of the matrix/mold, the product will generate internal stress, so the problem of the thickness of the product is not large. The research direction of pyrolytic graphite is to make the product larger in size and thickness, and the product is flat and stable in performance. This is a future research trend and an urgent need in the application field.
Our company’s latest research and development of molds can effectively control the internal stress. The thickness of the product can reach 10mm stably, and the length and width can also reach 100mm. If any customer needs a larger size, please contact us, we will overcome technical difficulties and help you make Satisfactory products you need!

Standard performance indicators of pyrolytic graphite:

We manufacture pyrolytic graphite products not only at low prices, but also in mass production. The cost is reduced, laying the foundation for the mass use of enterprises.
Some videos on pyrolytic graphite:

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