4D carbon carbon composite | C/C composite material

Our company can produce 4D structures carbon carbon  composite (CC composite) with stable and reliable quality. We can produce CC composite different types with resin, pitch based, CVD, CVI… with density of 1.5-1.95g/cm3, others as per customers’ requests.

Detailed description

Our company can produce 4D and 5D carbon carbon  composite (CC composite) with stable and reliable quality. We can produce all kinds of carbon-carbon composite with different 4D structures, different types with resin, pitch based, CVD, CVI… For 4D C/C composite, we can produce with density of 1.5-1.95g/cm3, others as per customers’ requests.

What is 4D carbon carbon composite? Strictly speaking, its 3D (Three-dimensional structure). All the products are of 3 dimensional structure. What we mean 4D C/C composite is with one or two more fibers in the plane direction. We call it 4D, which the customer wanted. We may produce 5D, 6D…carbon carbon composite, as per customers’ special requirements. The higher the density, the more complex the structures, the higher the prices of CC composite is.

Standard properties of 4D carbon-carbon composite, with xyz structures:

Specification Requirements Test results
Bulk density 1.85 g/cm3 min A1: 1.868 g/cm3
Make of fibers Four   dimensions (4D) Four   dimensions (4D)
Tensile strength X-Y: ≥130Mpa

Z:: ≥70Mpa

X-Y: 161Mpa

Z:: 76Mpa

Tensile Modulus X-Y: ≥50Gpa

Z: ≥30Mpa

X-Y: 59.1Gpa

Z: 38Mpa

Flexural strength X-Y: ≥120Mpa X-Y: 142Mpa
Compressive strength X-Y: ≥160Mpa

Z:: ≥220Mpa

X-Y: 162Mpa

Z:: 274Mpa

Thermal Conductivity X-Y: ≥40 W/mk

Z: ≥20W/mk    900°C

X-Y: 50 W/mk

Z: 22W/mk    900°C

C.T.E (1000°C) X-Y:0.5-1 ×10-6/K

Z: 1-1.5 ×10-6/K


Z: 1.16×10-6/K

Porosity 3-5% 4.3%
Cp at    RT-590°C Report X-Y:1.569103J/(Kg.K)


X-ray Inspection No significant defects No significant defects

Note: We can do X-RAY tests and other tests. For 4D C/C composite, we can produce any sizes with density of 1.4-1.95g/cm3, using isostatic facility, others as per customers’ requests.

Properties of 4D hoop structure / polar woven carbon carbon composite | C/C composite: 

Fiber volume percent:          40-45%

4d hoop structure cylinder weave carbon composite

4d hoop structure cylinder weave carbon composite

Fiber volume percent hoop:     45% ± 5

Fiber volume percent axial:    36% ± 4

Fiber volume percent radial:   19% ± 4

Bulk density:                 ≥ 1.9     (g/cm )

Tensile strength (hoop):      ≥ 100      MPa

Tensile strength (axial):     not tested      MPa

Compressive strength (hoop):  ≥ 80       MPa

Compressive strength (axial): ≥ 71       MPa

Thermal conductivity (hoop):  ≥ 40       W/m.K  at 900 °C

Thermal conductivity (axial): ≥ 22       W/m.K  at 900 °C

Thermal expansion:            < 3.1      1/ºC*10 -6

Open porosity:                < 5%

Carbon Content:                 99.9%

Graphitization Temperature:   @ 2500 °C

Its pitch based C/C composite.

The sizes of 4D carbon carbon composite is different due to different applications, and different density. we can make special adjustment for special property.
We can produce with all shapes of 4D CFC as per customers’ special request. you can see a video of high performance mould bellow, with 4D structure, pitch based, density >1.92g/cm3.

Our Products were sold throughout the country and exported to many countries and regions which enjoy a high reputation all over the world. We hope to establish a good business relationship with you; we will serve you with the best quality, best delivery time and best solutions.



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