Pyrolytic graphite blocks, pyrolytic carbon blocks

We are manufacturer of  pyrolytic graphite blocks, pyrolytic carbon blocks in china, with stable and reliable quality. We can produce Pyrolytic graphite rods and blocks with PG grade and HOPG grade. Pyrolytic graphite is a new carbon material, which has a high density (2.20g / cm), high purity (impurity content (0.0002%)

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Our company can supply pyrolytic graphite blocks with stable and reliable quality. We can produce Pyrolytic graphite rods and blocks, PG grade and HOPG grade.

Pyrolytic graphite is a new carbon material, is produced with high purity hydrocarbon gas in a certain furnace pressure, in 1800 ℃ ~ 2000 ℃ on the graphite substrate by chemical vapor deposition of the higher crystalline orientation, which has a high density (2.20g / cm), high purity (impurity content (0.0002%) and thermal, electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties of anisotropy, while still maintaining a vacuum of 10mmHg at 1800 ℃.
Standard Properties of Pyrolytic graphite plates:

Grade:  Pyrolytic Graphite

Density: 2.18-2.2 g/cm3

Compressive strength: 83.6 Mpa              AB direction

Tensile strength: 75 Mpa                     AB direction

Ash content: 0.02-0.005%

Thermal conductivity: 300-400W/m.k          AB direction

3.5-5 W/m.k            C direction

C.T.E: 3.2×(10-6/℃)                            AB direction

17-26×(10-6/℃)                          C direction

Specific resistance: 2×10-4 Ω.cm              AB direction

0.6Ω.cm                  C direction

Distance between Carbon atom layer(002): </= 3.42

Air impermeability: He transmissivity<10-10cm2

Sizes max:

Dia 90×5mm;



Max width:180mm, length: 800mm, thickness: 10 mm

Others to be confirm.

You can see bellow a simple peel off of pyrolytic graphite block/sheet:

Pyrolytic graphite, Pyrolytic graphite rods, pyrolytic graphite blocks

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