Rayon based rigid graphite felt

Our company can supply rayon based rigid graphite felt with stable and reliable quality. We manufacturer rigid graphite felt. Rayon based rigid graphite board. due to customers’ special request  with processing temperature of  1800C, 2200C and 2600C

Detailed description

We produce rayon based rigid graphite felt with reliable quality and competitively lower prices. We manufacture rigid graphite felt: Rayon based rigid graphite and Pan rigid graphite felt. Rayon rigid graphite felt can be with one side CFC or two sides CFC; or with one side graphite foil or two sides graphite foil, due to customers’ special request.  With processing temperature of  1800C, 2200C and 2600C. Raw material is soft Rayon graphite felt.

Standard sizes of Rayon rigid graphite felt:

Width: 1000-1200mm, Length: 1000-1200mm, thickness: 10-120mm. Special sizes, special designed and produced.

Bellow you can see the standard properties of Rayon rigid graphite felt, with processing temperature of 2200C:

Rayon Rigid Graphite Board Specification grade: RRF-3
Density g/cm3 0.10-0.16
Carbon Content % >99.8
Ash Content ppm <=200
Flexural Strength Mpa 0.90
Compressive Strength at5% Deformation Mpa 1.0-2.0
Thermal Conductivity           25℃ W/m.k 0.08-0.12
Volatile % 0
Electrical Resistivity Perpendicular mΩcm 900
Electrical Resistivity Parallel mΩcm 70
Environment to Use 3600℃/6512℉ in vacuum
Heat Treating Temp 2200
Max Length(Board) mm 1700
Max Width (Board) mm 1600
Thickness mm no limit

Attentions for Packing, storage and delivery:

Packed in plastic film, then packed in carton.
In the storage, don’t break the plastic film, At dry and ventilated places, preventing damps and rains
Shipper as non-dangerous goods.

Our Products were sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions which enjoy a high reputation all over the world. We hope to establish a good business relationship with you; we will serve you with the best quality, best delivery time and best solutions



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