Moulded graphite | Molded graphite material

We can produce large amount of moulded graphite material with stable and reliable quality, Our Products were sold all over the world. Mouled graphite rods, Moulded graphite blocks, with all sizes available, standard bulk density: 1.78g/cm3; 1.85g/cm3; 1.90g/cm3.

Detailed description

Our company can produce large amount of moulded graphite | molded graphite material with stable and reliable quality, Our Products were sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions which enjoy a high reputation all over the world.

All sizes available, standard bulk density of molded graphite material: 1.78g/cm3; 1.85g/cm3; 1.90g/cm3.

Molded graphite material have good electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high purity, self lubrication, thermal shock, isotropic, easy to precision machining and other excellent features.
Molded graphite is widely used in aerospace, solar photovoltaic and semiconductor, cast hard alloy and electronic mold sintering, spark, glass, medicine and other industries.

See bellow the standard properties | date sheet of moulded graphite, with density>1.85g/cm3:

NAME: Moulded graphite-M2
Chemical Composition:
C > 99.9%
Ash <0.08%
Mechanical Propriety:
Apparent Density    >  1.85g/cm3
Specific resistance(μΩm)≤ 10
Hardness  >  (Shore) 45-48
Thermal Expansion   >  2.5×10/K (35-450C  )
Young Modulus: 12000N/mm
Thermal Conductivity: 120 w/m.k
Compressive Strength: 65-80 Mpa,
Bending Strength: 35-40Mpa
Ash Contents  <  0.08%
Grain size: 45μm

Except the moulded graphite material, we have other types of graphite material: isostatic graphite, vibration graphite, extruded graphite, mechanical graphite and carbon brush material. We can produce all sizes /shapes of machined products, like graphite rods, graphite blocks, graphite plates, sheets…

Reliable quality, good reputation, best service and high technologies are out eternal objectives. We will serve our customers with the best suitable quality, best delivery time and best solutions.



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