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Graphite felt is divided into three types, say PAN-based, Rayon-based and Pitch coke based graphite felt. the main application is as insulation, heat insulation materials for monocrystalline silicon smelting furnace. In the chemical industry, it can be used as high-purity corrosive chemical reagents’ filter material.
Definition of graphite felt
After high temperature process of above 2000C in vacuum or inert atmosphere, the canbon felt becomes graphite felt. the carbon content of graphite felt is higher than carbon felt, up to more than 99%. at the end of the 1960s, there has beensupply of graphite felt goods in the world’s .

CFCARBON LTD produces mainly two kinds of graphite felt: Pan-based graphite felt and Rayon-based graphite felt. Process: Cut the Pan-based carbon felt or Rayon-based carbon felt into the required size, rolled into a cylindrical container made of graphite material, then put the graphite container into a high-temperature furnace (high-temperature furnace for graphite tube furnace, High-frequency induction furnace or other high-temperature furnace heating mode), with the vacuum or high pure inert gas protection, heat it with 100 ~ 300 ℃ / h heating rate to 2200 ~ 2500 ℃, and then naturally cooled to 100 ℃. then we got Pan-based graphite felt or Rayon-based graphite felt.

Our high-temperature soft graphite felt is made of Pan-based carbon graphite material after high-temperature treatment. It is mainly used in various high-temperature vacuum furnace equipment (such as: high temperature vacuum furnace, hot stove, heat balance furnace, electromagnetic induction furnace ), Non-oxidizing atmosphere, high temperature equipment and other fields, used in single crystal furnace, drying furnace, annealing furnace, oxidation furnace growth furnace, ingot furnace, diffusion furnace, deposition furnace, carbonization furnace, quartz furnace, vacuum furnace, induction furnace Frequency furnace and heat balance furnace, heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace, welding furnace, high pressure furnace and other high-temperature furnace insulation materials. With high heat-resistant temperature, good insulation, easy cutting, quality and cheap features, so far, many customers all over the world are using Pan-base graphite felt, the quality is proved by customers.Our soft graphite felt with high carbonation temperature, heat-resistant temperature up to 3500 degrees Celsius above, the high carbonization temperature can guarantee product life. In addition, because of high temperature carbonization, the carpet contains very little impurity, making its Subsequent processing work more simple.

The main performance characteristics:
(1) thermal conductivity is small: a small thermal insulation coefficient. (2) small specific heat: heating and cooling speed, thermal inertia. (3) high stability: aerobic environment can be resistant to 350 ° C oxidation, in an inert atmosphere or vacuum atmosphere, graphite blanket minimum temperature up to 2500 ℃, or even resistant to 3500 ℃ high temperature. (4) easy to use: can be directly cut with a knife or cut, soft, flexible, and can reduce the installation of dead ends. (5) high purity: high carbon content, ash is extremely low, (6) structural integrity uniform: smooth surface, uniform thickness determines the uniformity of its thermal insulation properties.

Pan-based graphite felt is stronger than the Rayon-based graphite felt, strong antioxidant capacity, but the flexibility is poor, the bulk density is higher, thermal insulation performance is better. In addition to their high purity, high temperature, corrosion resistance, non-melting properties, there are flexible, can be folded, cut and can be used graphite yarn suture and other advantages. Graphite blanket main purpose is as a single crystal silicon smelting furnace insulation material. In the chemical industry can be used as high-purity corrosive chemical reagents filter material. Graphite felt in the non-oxidizing atmosphere, the use of temperature up to 3000 ℃ or so.

CFCCARBON LTD is a manufacturer of carbon felt and graphite felt, with stable and reliable quality. Our products: Pan graphite felt, rayon graphite felt, rigid graphite felt. Pan based rigid graphite felt. rayon based rigid graphite felt, insulation graphite felt, insulation graphite barrel…with processing temperature of 1800C, 2200C and 2600C

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