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  • airplane brake disc-carbon fiber composite-CC-CFC-s Carbon carbon composite aircraft brakes/brake disc/ brake disk

    We can produce all typess of airplane brake disk and plates, our products have been used successfully for many years in the civil aviation aircrafts, quality is stable. .Our factory is government controlled company, and we are mainly engaged in research, development, production, sales of carbon carbon composite.

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  • carbon composite brake pair carbon carbon composite airplane brakes, brake pairs

    We can produce all kinds of carbon carbon composite Airplane brakes, brake pairs. See bellow standard propersties: Product name: carbon carbon composite/ CFC/ CC Type: 2.5D Main application: Airplane Brakes

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  • carbon composite racing brakes Carbon carbon composite racing brakes and brake discs

    Our company can supply carbon composite racing brake disc with stable and reliable quality. We can produce all kinds of CFC racing brake disc and brake pad. with 2.5D and 3D. Density: 2.5D, 1.6-1.8g/cm3; 3D 1.5-1.85g/cm3. as per customers’ requests or coming sample.

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  • carbon ceramic composite material Carbon ceramic composite material and parts

    Carbon ceramic composite (C/-SiC) is a carbon fiber reinforced SiC ceramic composite. The main matrix component of SiC determines the hardness of the composite, the effect of carbon fiber is to improve the mechanical strength and fracture toughness of the material, and its strength is 5 times higher than steel.

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