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  • carbon brush blocks Carbon brush materials

    carbon brush material, also called electric brush material, can be used for generator or electric motor; electrical machinery; carbon brush. main types: metal graphite, silver graphite, pure graphite, resin graphite, electric graphite.

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  • resin graphite Mechanical graphite | mechanical seal graphite material

    Mechanical carbon graphite is a different kind of graphite, but with resin, metal or others impregnated. Main types are: Resin impregnated graphite, Copper graphite material, antimony graphite and others. data sheet available…

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  • electric brush Carbon brush, electric brush

    Carbon brush also known as electric brush, it is a sliding contact, and its widely used in many electrical equipment. Due to different application, the Materials of carbon brushes are: impregnated graphite, pure graphite, metal (copper, silver) graphite and electric graphite.

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  • mechanical seal and bearing Mechanical seal and bearing, mechanical graphite products

    We can prodice mechanical seals and bearing as per drawings. Main types of mechanical graphite:Resin impregnated graphite, Copper graphite, antimony graphite…We can design drawings as per coming samples; we can produce samples as per drawings; we can recommend right type of material and products as per application…

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