Rigid carbon/graphite felt board PROMOTION!

Title: Rayon rigid carbon felt/board promotion; PAN rigid graphite felt/board promotion.

size: 1500-1000-40mm, with one side foil, price is: 1000$/pc.

size: 1200-1000-40mm, with one side foil, price is: 810$/pc.

Ex.work basis, valid within one month.

processing temperature: 2200°C.

Properties of PAN rigid graphite board:

Rigid Graphite Board Specification grade: PRF-3
Density g/cm3 0.18
Carbon Content % >99.9
Ash Content ppm <=200
Flexural Strength Mpa 0.90
Compressive Strength at5% Deformation Mpa 0.07
Thermal Conductivity           1000℃ /1832℉ W/m.k 0.32
1500℃ /2732℉ W/m.k 0.44
2000℃ /3632℉ W/m.k 0.59
Volatile % 0
Electrical Resistivity Perpendicular mΩcm 900
Electrical Resistivity Parallel mΩcm 70
Environment to Use 3600℃/6512℉ in vacuum
Heat Treating Temp 2200
Standard Size (Board) inch 1.6”*40”*60”
Max Size (Board) inch 12”*48”*63”
Max Size (Circular Plate) inch 75”*12”
Max Size (Cylinder) inch 75”*12”*48”(H)

Packing photos: inside and outside:

packings of rigid graphite board

packings of rigid graphite board, inside and outside.

We can produce other sizes as per required. IF with bigger quantity, we can give more discounts.

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