Updated data sheet of heat exchanger graphite pipes/tubes

Graphite tubes, also called graphite pipes. There are two types of graphite pipes: one type is machined graphite tubes from graphite material. Graphite  materials can be molde graphite, isostatic graphite or vibration graphite material. The other type is extruded resin graphite pipe. this type of graphite pipe is resin powder and graphite powder mixed together, then graphitized in high temperature. This type of graphite pipes is mainly used in heat exchangers, so we call it heat exchanger graphite pipes. It can be with bigger length compared to the first type. It can reach a length of 6-7meters. CFCCARBON LTD can produce both types of graphite tubes. Here we will introduce the properties of resin graphite tubes bellow.

CFCCARBON LTD company can produce resin graphite tubes for heat exchangers. We have the best product lines which can produce wide range of graphite tubes, graphite block, plate for heat exchangers.Resin graphite tube, mainly refers to the phenolic resin extrusion of graphite tube. This graphite tube has the characteristics of graphite, and it has the characteristics of phenolic resin, so it is a perfect combination. It has excellent corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity. This graphite tubes is mainly used in tube type graphite heat exchanger. In many corrosive materials under the conditions of heat transfer is widely used. The graphite tubes that CFCCARBON LTD produced is with 200 C heat treatment, its thermal conductivity is about 30-40w / (m.k), much higher than other  non-metallic anti-corrosive materials, and higher than the stainless steel. Therefore, graphite resin tube has long been quietly step into hydrochloric acid, chlor-alkali industry, and into the chemical industry, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, electroplating, printing and dyeing, paper, environmental protection and other industries.

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Data sheet of resin /heat exchanger Graphite pipes:

data sheet-heat exchanger graphite pipes

data sheet-heat exchanger graphite pipes

You can check the pdf file on : https://www.cfccarbon.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Data-sheet-resin-graphite-tube.pdf

You can also check the bellow chart for the acid resistance of our heat exchanger graphite pipes. This is only part for the Acid resistance. If you need more details, please contact us directly.

type medium density temperature /°C resistance
acid oxalic acid any <boiling point yes
aliphatic acid yes
acetic anhydride yes
oleic acid yes
formic acid yes
lactic acid yes
Citric acid yes
tartaric acid yes
boric acid yes
nitrous acid yes
hydrochloric acid yes
nitric acid 5 room temperature yes
sulphuric acid <75 <120 yes
sulphuric acid 80 <120 no
phosphoric acid <80 <boiling point yes
hydrofluoric acid <48 <boiling point yes
bromide hydride 0.5 85 yes
hydrobromic acid any <boiling point no
chromic acid 10 room temperature yes
chromic alkali 10 <boiling point yes
chromic alkali 40 room temperature yes
acetic acid <50 <100 yes
acetic acid 100 20 yes

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