The uses /applications of carbon fibers- (2)

Industrial workwear: The opf is able to maintain a barrier against 900C flame for over 5 min and provides outstanding protection against molten metal splash and welding sparks. The low thermal conductivity provides enhanced protection by reducing the rate of temperature rise through the fabric structure and absorbing and radiating heat. Unlike asbestos, opf does not fibrillate and does not cause a health and safety hazard.

The opf is also used in knitted cuffing, gloves and survival suit fabrics in the offshore industry.

Defense and las enforcement: Firefighter’s jackets use opf and being fire and petrol resistant, opf can also be used as a protective cover for body armor. The opf can sustain protection for a few minutes and the fire test with Panox protective gear demonstrates this effectiveness.

Transportation and furnishings: The opf based fireblocker fabrics have widespread use as aircraft seating and other forms of seating in cinemas, theatres, aiports and conference centers. It is used by Daimler, Iveco and Scania as a firewall and bonnet liner for turbo diesel trucks, which experience a high temperature environment.

Cable insulation: The high electrical resistance and ability to withstand heat degradation makes a textile braided opf an ideal material for electrical cable insulation in civil and armed forces applications, such as in a submarine, where fire is a special hazard.

Friction materials: Chopped opf can be incorporated as an asbestos replacement into a phenolic resin to produce friction linings for automotive clutch and brake units.

Gland packings: Companies use opf, in the form of 10 or 20 ply spun yarns, which are impregnated with PTFE and/or graphite pastes and when braided, produce a satisfactory packing material, suitable as an asbestos replacement, able to withstand working pressure and sustained working up to 260C.

Precursor for PAN based carbon fiber and activated carbon fibers: The opf is basically the first stage of the manufacture of PAN based carbon and activated fibers and these are discussed separately.



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