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Introduction of textile performs of carbon-carbon composites

Textile performs for carbon-carbon composites are reviewed in this article. From the structural geometry point of view, the various levels of fiber architecture are classified into linear, planar (2D), and 3D fibrous assemblies. The role of fiber architecture in the processing and strengthening of carbon-carbon composites is discussed. To provide a basis for the mechanistic analysis of carbon-carbon composites reinforced by textile structures, unit cell-based modeling methods are reviewed.

Textile preforming is the method of placing reinforcing fibers in a desired arrangement prior to formation of a composite structure. Starting with linear assemblies of fibers in continuous and/or discrete form, these micro-fibers can be organized into two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) structures by means of textile processes such as interlacing, intertwining, or interloping. Properly selecting of geometry and the method of placement or geometric arrangement of the fibers can tailor the resulting structural performance of the composite. These fiber placement methods create textile performs that possess a wide spectrum of pore geometries and pore distribution; a broad range of structural integrity and fiber volume fraction; and fiber orientation distribution as well as a wide selection of formed-shape and net-shape capabilities. In linear form, the carbon threads can serve as stitch yarns for stitched structures. These linear structures also can be used as fasteners. Planar systems are suitable for skin structures, although 3D structures find varying uses ranging from rocket nozzles to large-scale structural components for hypersonic vehicles.

Combining with high-performance fibers, matrices, and properly tailored fiber/matrix interfaces, fiber architecture promises to expand the design option for tough and reliable structural carbon-carbon composites. With an integrated network of structural cells in two- eand three-dimensional arrangements, textile structures not only provide a mechanism for structural toughening of composites but also facilitate composite processes into net or near net-shape structural parts.

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