Different structures of Carbon carbon composite

There are different types of carbon carbon composite, due to different structures of weaving method of raw material.

Its mainly 4types of carbon carbon composite: 2D, 2.5D, 3D and 4D. Each type have different ways of weaving methods.

What is 2D carbon carbon composite? its only 2 directions of the fiber. mainly x, y directions in the plane direction. most of the time, the product is produced by carbon fiber cloths, sticked together layer by layer. such as carbon composite boards, carbon composite sheets, carbon composite U, L profiles for heaters…

See some product photos: https://www.cfccarbon.com/carbon-composite/2d-carbon-composite-plate.html

What is the 2.5D carbon carbon composite? Its based on the 2D carbon composite, and has some fibers between the layers of carbon cloths. Its 3directions, but the z direction has less fibers. We call it 2.5D.

What is 3D carbon carbon composite? Its with 3 directions of carbon fibers, x,y,z directions. Sometimes we call it 3D xyz structure. See structure attached. Another type of 3D carbon composite structure is 3D hoop structure: with fibers in axial, radial and hoop directions. There are also other types of 3D structures. See bellow drawing too.

CFCCARBON LTD is a professional manufacturer of carbon composite. With density up to 1.9-1.95g/cm3. We can produce carbon composite with required structures.

What is 4D carbon carbon composite? Strictly speaking, its 3D.  its with one more fiber in the plane direction. We call it 4D, which the customer wanted. See attached the drawing and the photos.

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4d xyz structure carbon carbon composite


3d hoop structure


3D xyz structure


3d structures carbon carbon composite

3d structures carbon carbon composite

3d hoop structure carbon carbon composite

3d hoop structure carbon carbon composite


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