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C/C composite material is carbon fiber and its fabric reinforced carbon matrix composite material. It has the advantages of low density (<2.0g / cm3), high strength, high specific modulus, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, good friction performance, good thermal shock resistance and high dimensional stability. It is now a small number of alternative materials which with more than 1650 ℃ application temperature. its highest theoretical temperature up to 2600 ℃, it is considered to be one of the most promising high temperature materials.

C/C composite moulds have been widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical and other fields due to their unique properties. composites have been widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical and other fields due to their unique properties.
Advantages: High strength, high specific modulus, high thermal conductivity
Although C/C composites have many excellent high temperature properties, it will be oxidized in an aerobic environment at temperatures above 400 ° C, resulting in a sharp drop in material properties. Therefore, the application of C/C composites in high temperature aerobic environments must have oxidative protective measures. The oxidation protection of C/C composites mainly protects the C/C composites through the following two ways, that is, the substrate can be modified at the lower temperature and the passivation of the surface active point. With the increase of temperature, It is necessary to use the coating method to isolate the carbon / carbon composite material and oxygen in direct contact to achieve the purpose of oxidation protection. At present, the most widely used coating method, with the continuous progress of technology, carbon / carbon composite materials, more and more dependence on ultra-high temperature performance, and in ultra-high temperature conditions, the only viable oxidation protection program can only be coated Protection.

CFCCARBON LTD can supply C/C composite mould with stable and reliable quality. We can produce all kinds of C/C composite moulds. With material: 2.5D, 1.6-1.9g/cm3; 3D, 1.5-1.9g/cm3; 4D 1.5-1.9g/cm3. as per customers’ requests. CFC mould has advantages of long lifetime and low competitive costs, compared to graphite mould.

Standard properties for carbon carbon composite mould:

Specification analysis
Bulk density >/=1.7 g/cm3
Flexural strength >/= 100Mpa
Ash content </= 50ppm
Carbon content >/= 99.99%
C.T.E </=3 ×10-6/K
Specific resistance 30-50 uΩ.cm
Temperature (no oxygen environment) 2300 °C

Note: We can produce with all shapes of moulds, as per customers’ drawings or samples

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