Carbon brush | electric brush for wind power generators

Carbon brush can be used for generators or electric motors, electrical machinery. Our carbon brushes are mainly with big sizes, for big machines and big facilities, like wind power generators, big ship motors..

Carbon brush also known as electric brush, it is a sliding contact, and its widely used in many electrical equipment. Due to different application, the Materials of carbon brushes are: impregnated graphite, pure graphite, metal (copper, silver) graphite and electric graphite.

There are mainly 5types of carbon brush materials, Main types:

1). Metal graphite material.

application: d.c. generators with low voltage and slip rings of a.c. asynchronous motors; Slip rings of synchonorous generators, wind driven generators; Automobile starters and exciting slip rings of synchronous machines

2). silver graphite material


Generators for car window scraper, warm air motors, motorcycles; Slip contacts for conducting current and transmit signal; Contacts for signal devices; a.c. miniature electrical machines.

3). pure graphite

application: Steel Slip rings for high speed steam turbo-generators; Especially suitable for slip rings of large turbo-generators

4). resin graphite material


Highspeed series motors; Electric tools, household applicances; d.c. or a.c. commutator machines…

5). electric graphite material


Highspeed turbo-generators and d.c. machines of small /medium size; Small high speed series motors; Traction motors and main generators for locomotives high speed excites for turbo-generators, rolling mill motors, and main generators, e.c. commutator motors and other d.c. motors with some difficulties of communtation…

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sizes range of carbon brush material:

Metal+graphite material: (21-41)*108*126mm; (21-41)*120*138mm; (21-41)*68*148mm

Silver +graphite material: (20-40)*32*60 ; (20-40)*65*82; (20-40)* 68*148mm

Electric graphite material: (21-41)*108*126mm

Resin+graphite material: (21-36)*67*135mm

Carbon brush is a device transmitting energy or signal between motor or generator or other rotating machinery of the fixed part and the rotating part. It is usually made of pure carbon coagulant, the main component is carbon, known as carbon brush. It is easy to wear. Should be regularly maintained and replaced, and clean up the carbon deposition.

Our company can produce a wide range of high quality carbon brushes with conductive carbon materials including copper graphite, silver graphite, natural graphite, electro graphite, resin bonded carbon and pitch bonded carbon. The combination of this wide range of specialist materials and our advanced technology allows us to produce the best carbon brush which is available to meet your requirements for your motors or generators.

Our carbon brushes are used in steel processing, mining, wind power generators, traction and a wide range of general industrial applications all over the world. We hope to establish a good business relationship with you; we will serve you with the best quality, best delivery time and best solutions

Please see the data sheet of carbon brush materials: Carbon brush materials-motors-generators

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