Antioxidant treated graphite board

Graphite plates have applications in many industries, and due to its unique advantages, future applications will be more extensive. Everyone is very concerned about the service life of graphite plates, and the anti-oxidation treatment of graphite plates can effectively extend the service life.

cnc machining graphite product

cnc machining graphite product

After the production, processing and shaping of graphite sheets, they all need to be treated with antioxidants. Generally, antioxidants are used, which is an oily liquid. The composition is high-temperature resistant nano-ceramic particles, and its anti-oxidation effect is very good in an oxidizing environment where the use temperature of the graphite board is within 1300°C. After various types of graphite plates are impregnated with anti-oxidant protective agent, the liquid can penetrate into the pores of the graphite plate, forming an anti-oxidation protective film of about 0.02mm on the pores and the surface of the graphite mold, which is the protection layer The membrane can effectively isolate the air from directly contacting the graphite plate and cause oxidation reaction. Thereby it can effectively resist the oxidation of the graphite plate and prolong the service life of the graphite plate.

The service life of graphite plates has been continuously extended. The service life of traditional materials has been significantly extended. Numerous tests have shown that this can even reach 30-50 years in terms of service life. In this regard, it is still necessary to After knowing the technical advantages and characteristics, and grasping the gaps, it is worthy of recognition when used in the industry. Reinforced treatment and improved performance are also unique aspects of the graphite sheet in the market sales process. The advantages and characteristics of its material can basically be seen when it is promoted. After grasping the basic technical requirements and cost-effectiveness, I feel that the performance and processing requirements will continue to improve, and the choices brought to customers will be more and more satisfied.


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