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Mechanical carbon graphite is a different kind of graphite, but with resin, metal or others impregnated. Main types are: Resin impregnated graphite, Copper graphite material, antimony graphite and others. data sheet available…

Detailed description

Mechanical carbon graphite material is a different kind of graphite material, but with resin /Furan /Phenolic, metal /copper /antimony or others /silver impregnated.
Pure graphite material will volatile due to volatile substances in the adhesive and binder aggregation, decomposition and carbide, when baking, thus appeared the pore (10% ~ 30% porosity). If pure graphite Used as sealing ring, it will be permeable or leakage, and strength is low, so we fill the gap increased, and make it not permeability after resin process, it also increased the strength. But the heat resistance and corrosion resistance have varying degrees of decline. Impregnated material use mainly 3 types of material: organic resin, inorganic substances and metal.

Resin impregnated material : using synthetic resin (mainly phenolic resin or epoxy resin) impregnated graphite, to fill the surface and internal pore, and then to make the resin curing and heat treatment. Compared with graphite, mechanical strength, thermal conductivity unchanged. But the poor thermal conductivity, coefficient of linear expansion; Suitable for mass production, the cost is low; Mainly used in automobile cooling water pump, low load, such as home appliances sealed.
main type: M106H, M120H, M106K,M120K, M254K

Copper graphite material , is a special material of self-lubricating material, according to the different USES and conditions, choose different copper graphite material. It has high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, self-lubricating ability etc., especially suitable for overloading, low-speed, reciprocating or swing, difficult to lubrication and oil film formation, not afraid of the water and other acid erosion and erosion. Current products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machine, rolling just equipment, mining machinery, shipping, steam turbine, water turbine, injection molding machine and equipment in the production line.
main type: M106P,M120P, M254P

Antimony graphite material is a kind of excellent self-lubrication antifriction material, it can be in high temperature of 500 ° C, cryogenic – 253 ° C, high speed 20000 RPM, high pressure 10 mpa, or high viscosity medium, especially suitable for medium such as water, oil, kerosene condition under the conditions of use.
Antimony metal does not dissolve in water, hydrochloric acid and strong alkali solution. Antimony in the case of increasing load and improve the speed and melting steel friction when rare phenomenon, therefore, leach antimony graphite materials can also be applied to medium such as water, hydrochloric acid, strong alkali. And leaching of antimony graphite material can be silicon carbide, tungsten carbide or stainless steel, etc.
main type: M106D,M120D, M254D.

We have silver graphite material too, with high quality and low prices.

You can see a video of mechanical graphite below:

The Data sheet is available.

Except the carbon brush material, we have other types of graphite material: isostatic graphite, moulded graphite, vibration graphite, extruded graphite, and carbon brush material. We can produce all sizes /shapes of machined products, like graphite rods, graphite blocks, bipolar graphite plates, sheets…

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