Data sheet of 4D carbon carbon composite | C/C composite material

4D C/C composite has different structures, each structures has different way of weaving method; For each structure, the carbon carbon composite can reach different density, from 1.4g/cm3 to 1.9g/cm3. so the properties is different, it varies a lot. Here we will give data sheet of 4D xzy structure and hoop structure.

What is 4D carbon carbon composite? Strictly speaking, its 3D (Three-dimensional structure). All the products are of 3 dimensional structure. What we mean 4D C/C composite is with one or two more fibers in the plane direction. We call it 4D, which the customer wanted. We may produce 5D, 6D…carbon carbon composite, as per customers’ special requirements. See attached the drawing and the photos.

CFCCARBON LTD is a group company, specializing in the production of 4D carbon carbon composite.

For the carbon carbon composite, there are so many names of this material, different people use different names when refer to the same product. But its same material.

Names of the material: CFC, Carbon composite, C/C, carbon fiber composite, carbon carbon composite, carbon reinforced carbon, carbon fiber reinforced carbon, carbon carbon.

4D Carbon carbon composite features:

(1) Physical properties: After high temperature treatment, the carbon composite has higher carbon content, >99%, the density is low, the mechanical properties are good. Due to good characteristic of high melting point of carbon, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal shock performance, the carbon carbon composite is resistant to acid, alkali and salt.

4d xyz structure carbon carbon composite


(2) Mechanical properties: carbon carbon composite has good mechanical properties of the strength and elastic modulus, good wear and tear resistance.

(3) high-temperature stability: The room temperature strength of carbon carbon composite can keep up to

2500 ℃, is not sensitive to the thermal stress, and the ablation resistance performance is good.

(4) Comprehensive performance evaluation: carbon carbon composite has good strength and elastic modulus at room temperature; less production processes of carbon carbon composite material can save materials and manufacturing costs, and its more safety and reliability.

Standard properties of 4D carbon carbon composite | C/C composite with xyz structure:

Specification Requirements Test results
Bulk density 1.85 g/cm3 min A1: 1.868 g/cm3
Make of fibers Four   dimensions (4D) Four   dimensions (4D)
Tensile strength X-Y: ≥130MpaZ:: ≥70Mpa X-Y: 161MpaZ:: 76Mpa
Tensile Modulus X-Y: ≥50GpaZ: ≥30Mpa X-Y: 59.1GpaZ: 38Mpa
Flexural strength X-Y: ≥120Mpa X-Y: 142Mpa
Compressive strength X-Y: ≥160MpaZ:: ≥220Mpa X-Y: 162MpaZ:: 274Mpa
Thermal Conductivity X-Y: ≥40 W/mkZ: ≥20W/mk    900°C X-Y: 50 W/mkZ: 22W/mk    900°C
C.T.E (1000°C) X-Y:0.5-1 ×10-6/KZ: 1-1.5 ×10-6/K X-Y:0.55×10-6/KZ: 1.16×10-6/K
Porosity 3-5% 4.3%
Cp at    RT-590°C Report X-Y:1.569103J/(Kg.K)Z:1.620103J/(Kg.K)
X-ray Inspection No significant defects No significant defects

properties of 4D hoop structure / polar woven carbon carbon composite | C/C composite: 

Fiber volume percent:          40-45%

4d hoop structure cylinder weave carbon composite

4d hoop structure cylinder weave carbon composite

Fiber volume percent hoop:     45% ± 5

Fiber volume percent axial:    36% ± 4

Fiber volume percent radial:   19% ± 4

Bulk density:                 ≥ 1.9     (g/cm )

Tensile strength (hoop):      ≥ 100      MPa

Tensile strength (axial):     not tested      MPa

Compressive strength (hoop):  ≥ 80       MPa

Compressive strength (axial): ≥ 71       MPa

Thermal conductivity (hoop):  ≥ 40       W/m.K  at 900 °C

Thermal conductivity (axial): ≥ 22       W/m.K  at 900 °C

Thermal expansion:            < 3.1      1/ºC*10 -6

Open porosity:                < 5%

Carbon Content:                 99.9%

Graphitization Temperature:   @ 2500 °C

Its pitch based C/C composite. not CVI/CVD process.

Note: We can do X-RAY tests and other tests. all sizes of CC composite available. Prices of C/C composite varies, available on other pages.
We can produce with all shapes of 4D C/C as per customers’ special request.
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